Saturday, May 17, 2008

Kitchen Help Continued...

I forgot about the counter tops! As I mentioned in a previous post, we have intentions of granite counters in the future but for now we will be doing something else...more than likely a laminate counter only because where my husband works he can get it for next to nothing and seeing as how we are ripping it out, I don't want to spend a ton on the counters. So does anyone have an ideas on lighter vs. darker? I would like to do a laminate that looks like natural stone so if you have any suggestions please share them. I also forgot to mention if any of you have pictures you would like to share of things that you are suggesting based on what you have in your home please do! The laminate company we will more than likely be choosing from is Wilsonart so take a look and let me know what you think!
thanks again,

Kitchen Help!!!

Other than the fact that I am being really indecisive; I for some reason am not trusting my own judgement when it comes to the kitchen decisions...(it could be that this is the most expensive room in the house and I would prefer it not look rediculous with the amount of money we are spending on it)! So here is the deal, I am trying to upload a picture of the floor plan as well as some exterior rendering; however, the format that my husband has sent to me is not working with blogger so be patient it will be here soon.

With that said I can tell you I love my kitchen layout and would love input on flooring, cabinet, and wall color suggestions. The cabinet line we are using is Prestige Cabinetry and the door style we have chosen is Windham in a full overlay. We prefer cherry but are considering maple depending on the stain/glaze choosen. We really like the chestnut glaze in both woods, but I am wondering what all of you that tune into my blog think? I personally do not care for a really red tone in the wood which concerns me about the cestnut glaze in cherry, but my husband loves cherry as the material/wood for the kitchen he thinks it is better quality and so on and so forth. Hey, if he was ok with the 19% upcharge for cherry over maple who am I to complain!

Now, if I haven't confused you enough without a picture, we do have a center island that he is willing to let me do painted (which is a cardinal sin to him to cover up with beauty of wood) so I was thinking of of the vanilla paint either plain or with a rust glaze. What are your opinions on this?

And as far as flooring, we are doing a wood laminate from either Quickstep Flooring or Wilsonart Flooring and do not care for light floors or extremly dark, kind of in the medium to medium dark tones but we are open for suggestions. I am not sure if I need to wait to choose the flooring until I have finalized the cabinets or what so any of your thoughts or favorites or maybe what you have in your home would be something worth sharing!!

Paint...oh the many many colors! I do reds, greens, and yellows and am looking for kitchen color paint opinions. Are there colors that are an absolute no no to put in kitchens or ones that are an absolute must? We will be using Benajmin Moore Paint and so if you know of any great ones feel free to let us know. Paint looks different on a little swatch compared to a whole room! If you have a paint color in your home that you love that is not benjamin moore, please share it anyway!

Thanks for your time and please let others know of my blog that may have helpful input as well. I am knew to blogging and still trying to figure out how to use it! With that said, how do I add you all to a list on my blog? Thanks, and god bless-