Friday, January 11, 2008

Becoming a Mrs.

I was recently married on August 25, 2007, in my hometown to my high school sweetheart of seven years. The day was everything that I imagined and more...

I awoke early in the morning to rain and a dark sky, my bridesmaids tried desperately to keep my mind off the weather and the windows, but little did they know I already knew...

I am sure they were expecting a "bridezilla" moment due to my concern for the weather all week, but I didn't even care and looked at it with the best attitude possible. I was the one that brought it up and I said okay ladies, start thinking of where we can take pictures if they can't be taken outdoors. All at once they were so relieved that I wasn't upset!

As the day proceeded we got our hair done while drinking mimosa's and snacking on bagels and I was as calm as ever. I had been a basket case the last few weeks leading up to the wedding, but apparently had my game face on the day of! They were the ones that kept getting emotional and I had to tell them to try and keep it together!

After our hair and makeup we walked outside to sunshine and the most beautiful sky I have ever seen...looking back on the day and after hearing the song "Holes in the Floor of Heaven," I knew exactly who was responsible for the weather, rain and sun! Having to lose one the most important and influential people in your life during one of the most important times in your life was a challenge I faced leading up to my wedding. I lost my grandma the day after Christmas 2006, in the midst of wedding planning. However, she did get to see my in my wedding dress a couple of months before she passed which I will cherish forever! I know it was her tears raining down that morning and her her joy shining down that afternoon! (thanks grandma)

After some pre-ceremony pictures and a glass of wine, it was finally bridesmaids were getting emotional and I still had it together...that is until the ushers opened the door and my dad and I were walking down the aisle! The minute that door opened and I saw a room full of all the important people in my life, that were there to support Andy and I, I got very emotional. I managed to make it down the aisle without tripping; however, my pictures weren't so great as my face is puckered and eyes closed!!! oh well...

For those of you who were unable to be there, things went smoothly other than Fr. Don forgetting the exchange of rings. Here I was thinking I messed up the program, but it completely slipped his mind. It was supposed to be after our vows which were emotional as is so it was probably best that we did the rings at the end!

Then we were off to pictures and finally the reception. It was so wonderful to walk in the ballroom decorated, and to see the cake for the first time, a years worth of planning and hard work paid off! We kept things pretty traditional so I won't take you through every event, but I will make mention of the beautiful slide show my cousin Marcus put together for Andy and was pictures of us when we were little through high and then he put pictures on it from the wedding which was really neat.

Just when I thought the day couldn't get any better, Andy and I received a wonderful surprise from my brother, Mike and father, Andy. We had asked them to play "Wonderful Tonight" for our first dance, but my dad had written us a song instead!!!!! It was beautiful and emotional and the best surprise ever!

Another surprise I had that night was being pulled out on the dance floor and be serenaded by my bridal party. They all sang "You've Lost that Loving Feeling," while I sat in a chair, it was great...

The night went on and it was full of family, friends, and dancing!!!! It was wonderful and I am truly blessed to have become a MRS.

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